We might be a little biased, but becoming a SpinetiX dealer might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Need a bit more convincing? Well here are the top 5 reasons to become a SpinetiX:




1. Simple. Intuitive. Powerful

What makes SpinetiX so popular with customers? The simple and sleek design of the hardware and software, the intuitive nature of the content creation and management tools and the sheer power you get when using any SpinetiX product. A lot of people are intimidated by digital signage, but SpinetiX makes it easy without sacrificing the control you have over your solution.

2. Easy Content Creation

Content creation comes in two forms with SpinetiX.

Fusion is our basic content creation platform and it comes loaded with templates, widgets and skins so you can hit the ground running. Fusion is so easy with its drag and drop tools, most customers are able to learn Fusion in about 15 minutes.

Elementi is our more robust digital signage software. Although it may take a little bit longer to learn, what you gain is more control over your content creation. And still… most people master Elementi in just about an hour or 2. Elementi features the templates, and widgets, that are easy to drag and drop , there are plenty of advanced tools as well.

Publishing content from either one of our software platforms is simple; decide if you want to send your content to one player or all of your players and click the publish button and you’re done. Your content will go live instantly and you’re good to go.

3. Flexible Solution

SpinetiX is a dynamic product designed to grow with you. From both a hardware and software standpoint, the SpinetiX solution is flexible in all the things it can do.

As a piece of hardware, there is so much SpinetiX can do. From single signs to giant video walls, SpinetiX is limitless in the amount of innovation it can bring to your project. Maybe you want to bring interactivity into your digital signage solution. SpinetiX has you covered. SpinetiX supports a wide range of options for interactivity including touch screens, keyboards, scanners and so much more. As your digital signage solution grows, you’ll be able to use the same players in different ways based on your needs.

The SpinetiX content software demonstrates its flexibility in the range of types media available to make your wildest content creation fantasies come true. Want to stream a live Twitter feed? SpinetiX can do that. What about showing a multitude of live data feeds from the internet while playing HD video and animations? You can design content to do that too; from there, all you have to do is publish your content to your SpinetiX players and their respective screens or video walls will begin to showcase your dynamic content.

4. Strong and Reliable

SpinetiX players are a product of precise Swiss engineering. Our players are built to last. Their genius design involves no moving parts. No fans. No spinning hard disks. The onboard solid-state hard drive is secure and requires virtually no maintenance for the entire lifetime of the player.

SpinetiX are not a PC based solution and that means an incredibly reliable digital signage players. With zero data accumulation to clutter up the hard drive, you always get a fast and responsive experience. By utilizing Linux based OS, SpinetiX players are less prone to virus and spyware attacks than their PC based competitors.

5. Make More Money

Our newest product here at SpinetiX is Cockpit, a digital signage network monitoring tool that allows you to build and foster greater relationships with your own clients while also generating some more revenue for providing a service to the customer.

Cockpit allows you to remotely check a device to make sure your customer’s SpinetiX solution is up and running as it should be.

Within Cockpit you also have capability to update software and receive diagnostics about the player’s performance; all this from a web based user interface that is simple, intuitive and powerful.

All you need to do is register the players you sell into your Cockpit dashboard and you are ready to monitor that player and remotely repair many common problems. Cockpit will even tell you if the issue is not with the player, but a problem with the screen.


So what are you waiting for? With so many reasons to become a SpinetiX dealer, there is no reason not to contact us today to help get you started.

For more information, visit our website and our dealer page.