Curing Summertime Sadness on Campus with Social Media Digital Signage

There’s a 24/7 buzz and a bottom-less pit of user-generated content on social media. So why not leverage that in your digital signage? Integrating social media into digital signage goes beyond simply posting and liking on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Digital signage can enhance your social media activity and better connect with your audience by actively showcasing and highlighting users and their original, relatable and engaging content. When it comes to communication, for instance on college campuses, social media and digital signage are a match made in heaven.

As the University, liking and reposting Senior-student Tom’s summer study abroad picture on Instagram is great, but his amazing picture probably won’t reach first-year student Rachel or transfer-student Clay. On the other hand, displaying Tom’s picture from the school’s summer study abroad program on a giant video wall in the student center makes it both hard to ignore and more relevant than ever to the passing students.

Studies show that 67% of digital natives also known as Generation Z prefer narratives and storytelling. (Ref: Deep Focus’ 2015 Cassandra Report )

Other students like Tom are the perfect college campus storytellers who provide a bottom-less pit of social media user-generated digital signage content that can be used to connect with the campus body.

Whether it’s a status update on last night’s miserable all-nighter in the library or a video of a pumpkin blowing up during a chemistry demonstration, students are constantly connecting with each other about school on Social Media. Displaying social media on digital signage goes beyond simply interacting with the students on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Integrating social media into digital signage highlights students and their activity on social platforms and increases campus communication using original, relatable and engaging content.

In the education market, content is often coming from a variety of groups and departments. SpinetiX HMP players can grab content such as timetables, social media feeds and photo collections directly from different sources and systems. Contact us to learn more.

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