SpinetiX services are designed to evolve with the digital landscape. SpinetiX offers the most reliable solutions on the market, saving you from the regular maintenance calls. Leveraging our cloud-based web platform, Cockpit, you can rest easy knowing your software can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Register your players and see immediate benefits including:

Remotely preview live content rendered by your HMPs.
Monitor the status of any of your players.
Manage your Elementi licenses (e.g. retrieve license key, release license to different PCs).
Authorize your players to retrieve real-time data from your cloud accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google, OneDrive).
Remotely install the latest player firmware.
In addition, you can activate Premium Monitoring features and manage your Elementi Update Plan.


Find relief in SpinetiX support services as we provide on-site service and support in every project we install. Powered by Cockpit’s remote monitoring system, reduce risk and labor expenses for maintenance and operation concerns. Get more from your Cockpit with Premium Monitoring. Receive unlimited access to proactive maintenance, automated alert notifications, activity reporting, remote configuration and more. Your Premium Monitoring gives you everything at your fingertips. With this proactive service, we will be on your team ensuring your signage is always up.
Digital Signage Network Moniroting Cockpit


Always up to date software. Get unlimited access to the latest features.
Maximum security. Benefit from the latest security patches.
Best in class support. Local, personalized, and in your language.