SpinetiX Digital Signage Player vs. PC

Do you remember those Apple commercials, “I’m a mac.” “… and I’m a PC.” … we would love to rip that off right here because we are going to tell you why SpinetiX has an advantage over PCs in the digital signage arena.

  • Reliability issues – forget the reliability issues you tolerate with your PC because SpinetiX Digital Signage Player is ready for showtime, anytime.
  • Cheaper to install and maintainSpinetiX is simple to install with virtually no maintenance. Cut your costs by as much as 90% compared to a PC.
  • Zero Data-Clutter – Eventually, PCs generate data build-up that slows them down. Web-DAV on SpinetiX keeps your player free of clutter and always moving fast.
  • No Hardware maintenance – Hard drives and fans break over extended use. SpinetiX has a solid-state drive and no fans so that it is always reliable and never in need of new parts.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Let’s be honest… How many PCs come with a lifetime warranty? Need we say more?

So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking about installing digital signage or already have some digital signage, ditch the PC and join us in the digital signage revolution. It’s time for a better solution that is reliable, cost-effective, and smart.