Digital signage monitoring tool: Cockpit

Cockpit is a new cloud-based monitoring tool for SpinetiX to help build relationships between SpinetiX dealers and their clients. This is a revolution for the SpinetiX platform and we are currently offering a FREE TRIAL for dealers to test out the system before we officially launch Cockpit.

A new way to offer services

This is a great way for SpinetiX Dealers to generate some extra revenue by offering your clients a monitoring service that lets you preemptively catch issues before they become problems and remotely make changes and updates to the player.

Cockpit is as simple to use.

Simply register your customer’s players with your Cockpit account and start receiving status reports about the players you have access to monitor and support.

Cockpit allows you to view a map of all the players you monitor as well as a quick list of the players by name with icons letting you know the current status of the players. From these overview screens, you can select a player and dive deeper into live stats about that player’s operations.

With live data about the players, Cockpit can give you information about what might be wrong with the player. You can see outages for players that are turned off as well as see if there is an issue with the screen or video wall the player is plugged into. This is all made possible by the SpinetiX digital signage player.

You can remotely update firmware within Cockpit for players that you monitor. This is an added benefit to your customers who may not want to have to worry about keeping their digital signage hardware up to date; you can now take control of the updates for the player remotely.

Get started

Check out Cockpit online now at We are now offering a free trial run, all you have to do is make an account and start registering players. Stay connected. Anytime. Anywhere.