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Prairie Band Potawatomi


Step foot inside the Prairie Band Potawatomi Casino and Resort and you’re instantly enveloped into a multi-sensory experience. The bright lights, big sounds and the smell from their amazing restaurants can be intoxicating. Everything is strategically choreographed to deliver the best entertainment experience that keeps visitors coming back again and again.

So when the marketing team needed a communication platform that could stand out in a sensory-rich environment, digital signage was an easy answer. But challenged with a variety of outdated digital signage systems, the casino turned to Specialized Productions for help. Their existing systems could only play static images, required different file types and required the marketing team to log into separate systems to manage content. SPI was able tasked with designing and delivering a single digital signage platform to simplify content management and to engage and entertain visitors across the massive 63,000 sq. ft. complex.


SPI replaced the legacy digital signage systems with a robust and scalable solution using HMP130 media players from SpinetiX. In addition to identifying the appropriate screen placement and configuration, SPI’s award winning creative services team developed a comprehensive content plan to ensure that Prairie Band Casino’s branding and promotions are always fresh, relevant and impactful. Its motion graphic designers develop customized content, which is uploaded to each device by SPI through a VPN, making it easy for the Prairie Band Casino marketing team to schedule content for playback. Using their browser, they simply access the Fusion software and drag and drop finished media files into playlists.

The SpinetiX platform is used to schedule, deliver and play back dynamic content to 14 HMP130 players that drive a variety of vertical and horizontal displays ranging from 50” to 84”.


Dynamic marketing and promotional content created by SPI is now freely flowing across the sprawling Prairie Band Casino property. The SpinetiX platform enables consistent brand messaging across all customer touch points, which heightens the entertainment experience and increases buy-in for events and promotions.

Efficiencies have also been realized by the marketing team, which no longer has to log into multiple systems to manage content. The SpinetiX built-in Fusion software offers a simple way to manage content with simple drag and drop commands, saving a lot of time. And thanks to the power of the SpinetiX platform, they have enhanced the functionality and scalability of their system.

”Since 2009, we’ve been using SpinetiX for synchronized video walls, digital menu systems and robust, high-octane HD motion graphic intense playlists. We call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of Digital Signage because it can do everything. We have deployed dozens of HMP players and they are all working very well.”

Mike Tully President and Owner – SPI


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